I have experience in a variety of industries, including publishing, media, sports, technology, and finance, and I've worked in-house and online for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. A few companies I've done editing and information design for are Scholastic, Inc., Haymarket Media, CBAY Books, Blooming Tree Press, and Dimensional Fund Advisors. I am also a certified copyeditor and member of the American Copy Editors Society.

Below are some samples of my editing and design work. Click on each image to view the full-size document.

Sample Copyedit
This is a short, copyedited article.

Instruction Manual
This is a sample of an instruction manual that I wrote and designed. Its aim was to familiarize student newspaper editors with some essential functions of Adobe InDesign.

How-To Guide
I designed, wrote, and edited this guide to using a golf website, which was aimed at people who had minimal experience using the internet and needed basic, step-by-step instructions for accessing the site.

Newspaper: Entertainment Section
This is an example of a newspaper layout I created for the Hilltop Views.

Newspaper: Halloween Special
I designed this page for a late October edition of the Hilltop Views.

This is a brochure I designed for National Novel Writing Month.

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